24x7 Water Supply Pilot project for pan-city Chandigarh

Safe and 24x7 water supply is a public good as it has very large positive externalities. Access to water supply is important for all the urban residents and lack of safe water supply can keep the mortality rates high in general and among the poor in particular. Smart cities should therefore have an availability of 24x7 piped water supply that also meets benchmarks of water quality, pressure, etc. across the city.

Project Components

  • Construction of new UGRs for Raw Water and Clear water storage.
  • Installation & Upgradation of Existing Pumping Machinery to Variable Frequency Derive Pumps (VFDs) for 24x7 Water Supply.
  • Retrofitting of existing Pipeline Network.
  • 100% AMR Ready water metering at all the consumer ends.
  • Installation and Implementation of SCADA System


  • Public Health – Pressurized Network prevents water contamination and reduces water borne diseases
  • Productivity of Citizens – Availability of water to all reduce the coping cost and result in to higher productive hours for citizens
  • Affordable water supply – Piped water is cheapest mode of water supply compare to tanker or bottled supply and 24x7 supply reduce the storage and treatment cost to citizen
  • Water Conservation– 24x7 water supply can only be result of Supply side efficiency (source to consumer) and Demand side efficiency (Reduced consumption through technology, education and tariff)
  • Improvement in service level for WS –Ultimate beneficiaries of the project are citizens of city with better water supply services at optimum cost.

Other Details

Total Cost: 591.57 Cr

In 2016, Chandigarh signed an MOU with AFD - to provide technical support to the UT of Chandigarh for strengthening the strategy and management of urban services (Water Supply, Sanitation, Waste Management) within the framework of SCM.