Additional IT components in Smart Schools


One of the projects was rolled out in October 2019 under Smart City was Implementation of Smart School in Government Schools in ABD Area and Operation & Maintenance of the Complete system for a period of Five Years Under Smart City Mission which covered various components like Smart Boards, E-Content Learning, Digital Notice Board, MCQ based Testing with tablets, Intelligent Lighting System, Perimeter Surveillance, Visitor Management System, Computer Labs and PA system. In the process of implementing the Smart Schools certain additional work was sought after recommendations of various stakeholders involved in the project and concluded the importance of these additional works for achieving the final objective of the project.

Brief Scope of Work

The Bidder is required to work for Implementation of Smart Classrooms in 4 Nos, Schools of ABD Area in Chandigarh city which shall include Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance for 5 years of following Smart Solutions:

  • Touch Screen Board for Digital Map (1 in each school)
  • CCTV cameras inside the smart classrooms (2 in each class room)
  • Installation of NVR and other camera components incl. wiring, NVR Box etc. (Principals chamber)
  • Face Recognition Biometric Attendance System for the students (Sec 22- 8 ; SSS 35D – 15 ; HS 35D- 4 ; Sec43 -6)
  • School Management System (Software for attendance, Fee, Information system, Homework, TC, Child profile time table, Notice)
  • Manpower for assistance of IT Components for each school (for 6 months after Go-Live)
  • Operation & Maintenance for 5 Years for the above components

Anticipated Project Cost

Rs 1.08 crore Rs 0.62 cr Capex

Major Component
  • Camera+NVR Cost = Rs. 41 Lakhs
STATUS: Under Tendering Process