Additional Work for Development of Basic Infrastructure in Smart School

Chandigarh Smart City Limited had rolled out multiple projects for 4 Govt. Schools falling under the ABD in order to achieve the Smart Schools Status in Chandigarh. the final objective of the project. The name of the schools falling in the ABD Area have been mentioned below:

Brief Scope of Work

The Civil Scope of Work consists of various Science, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Classrooms etc. Laboratories in 4 schools falling in the ABD Area which include but are not limited to:

  • Vinyl Flooring in classrooms (In classrooms 62 classrooms except sec22)
  • Dismantling of Flooring and RCC counter slabs (Labs )
  • Kota Stone Flooring (In Labs )
  • Repairing of Plaster (Labs )
  • Granite stone work (In labs) (Labs )
  • Removing of Old paint (Labs )
  • Painting work (Labs )
  • Dismantling of Old door windows/cupboards (Labs )
  • Installation of Cupboard shutter (Labs )

The Electrical Scope of work consists of various components only at Computer laboratories in 3 Schools as described above in Serial no. 1, 2, & 3 which include but not limited to Point wiring in Labs

Project Cost

Rs 1.10 crore

Major Component
  • Vinyl flooring in classrooms Costing Rs`93 lakhs (10 year warranty after defect liability)
STATUS: Under Implementation