Battery Operated Cart (10 nos.) for Movement of Elderly and Disabled in Sec 17

Chandigarh envisions improving upon its last mile connectivity through various measures such as introduction of E-carts for elderly and disabled with a dual objective of providing equitable access to public transit and areas around public spaces. E-carts have low maintenance cost, Eco-friendly, no noise pollution, easy to drive and last but not the least livelihood, e-carts investing is very less and fare is pocket friendly. This form of transportation works best for short distance travel.

The e-carts ply in the plaza of sector-17. The citizens can avail the services free of cost from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Project Components

  • E-carts equipped with GPS monitoring system, LED screens and speakers
  • Safety features such as fire extinguisher, first-aid kit etc.


  • Encouraging public safety and security for the people, especially the elderly and specially-abled.
  • Enhancing the mobility at large in the city centre and a different experience for people visiting Sector 17.
  • Equitable access to public transit and areas around public spaces.

Other Details

Total cost: Rs. 40,00,000

Time period: 60 days

Date of completion: Jan 2020
STATUS: Completed and under O&M