Engagement of Agency for Design, Build, Operate, Finance & Transfer Public Bike Sharing System in Chandigarh on PPP Mode

Fighting all the odds is still easy but tackling pollution in today's time is a migraine. But CSCL has found a way out! We very well know, none wants to breathe in the city drowned in the black sea of pollution and unnecessary honking which bleeds the ears. So, to avoid this scenario, a massive public transport has been introduced by the CSCL covering the entire city boundary. This dynamic project is none other than Public Bike Sharing.

With the vision of creation of a pollution free atmosphere and enhancing eco-friendly habits, this project has been all set to let people breathe in the real City Beautiful.

Not forgetting the additional miraculous assistance of this project in terms of health, this project shall promote the mantra of Health is Wealth. The real wealth will now not be evaluated through the fancy cars but through the health which will cherish it's golden period through bicycle rides. Therefore, healthy citizens of a healthy city is the goal which shall be achieved soon with the success of this project. The project is created with a vision of encouragement of public connectivity but not through cars and other vehicles. Limiting traffic on the roads was also the primary thought which was initiated in the framework of this project. So all one needs to do is pick up the bicycle from a parking station, ride to the destination, drop it there and reduce the carbon footprint! With the message of saving the earth, let's contribute in Public Bike Sharing.

Project Components

  • 617 docking stations and 5000 bicycles spread over 4 phases:
    • Phase I: 155 docking stations and 1250 bicycles
    • Phase II: 310 docking stations and 2500 bicycles
    • Phase III: 465 docking stations and 3750 bicycles
    • Phase IV: 617 docking stations and 5000 bicycles


  • Encourage last-mile connectivity thereby promoting low-carbon mobility.
  • Promotion of non-motorized transport.
  • Making the entire city sustainable and upholding a healthy lifestyle for citizens.

Other Details

Time period: 540 days

Expected date of completion: April 2022
STATUS: Under Implementation