Expansion of Sanitary Landfill at Daddu Majra

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh and the rural areas in the UT are together generating about 450 MT/d of MSW and which is expected to increase to 788 MT/d by 2036. The treatment plant for resource recovery is apparently able to divert only about 20% as RDF while the rest is being disposed of at the SLF. MCC is currently operating Phase #1 of the SLF which was constructed in 2007 and commissioned sometime around 2012. SLF Phase #1 area is about 4 ha and it is planned to be taken to an average height of about 10 m. Given the large quantity of waste arrival, Phase #1 has almost fully run out of capacity. Considering proximity of habitations, the adverse impact on public health and environment and the urgency of compliance with the SWM Rules, 2016, it is imperative to expand capacity of the SLF for safe disposal for a foreseeable period in the future.

Project Components

  1. Dismantling of existing boundary wall
  2. Design & construction of approximately 4.5m high boundary Wall
  3. Construction of engineered sanitary landfill
  4. Construction of leachate collection system.
  5. Design & construction of leachate storage system, leachate transportation system and leachate treatment system
  6. Horticulture works


  • Augmentation of necessary infrastructure for safe disposal of municipal solid waste.
  • Serving the objectives of environment protection and safeguarding public health.
  • Achieving compliance with the SWM Rules, 2016 and offering a higher quality of life to the citizens of Chandigarh

Other Details

Total Cost: 12.41 Cr.

Status: Under Implementation
Time period: 12 months
Expected date of completion: 02/02/2022