One of the primary objectives of Chandigarh under its smart city mission is to enhance the safety and security, improve efficiency of municipal services and promote a better quality of life for residents. In order to achieve these objectives, a robust ICT infrastructure that supports digital applications and ensures seamless steady state operations, city management, surveillance, emergency response mechanisms and real time tracking of services and vital city metrics throughout the city and in government departments.

The key objective of this project is to establish a collaborative framework where input from different functional departments of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation and other stakeholders such as transport, water, fire, police, etc. will be assimilated and analysed on a single platform; consequently, resulting in aggregated city level information. Further this aggregated city level information can be converted to actionable intelligence, which would be propagated to relevant stakeholders and citizens.

  • Establishing a digital platform for government and citizen interaction.
  • Improving the quality of services offered to local citizens and bring up the service levels.
  • Improving the internal management of the agencies providing citizen services.
  • Promoting administrative functions to be carried over online.
  • Engage citizens in the process of Governance through interaction.
  • Empower citizens through access to knowledge and information and make the working of the government more efficient and effective.
  • Enhanced transparency, convenience and empowerment; less corruption; revenue growth; and cost reduction.

Project Scope of Work

  • Establishment of Integrated Command and control center (ICCC)
  • Data center (DC), City operation Room, Contact center, Cloud based disaster recovery (DR)
  • Optic Fiber Cable Network (250 Km)
  • Adaptive Traffic Control System (ATCS) for 40 Junctions
  • City Surveillance system for 267 locations
  • PTZ Camera, Box camera and 360-degree panoramic camera with Video analytics and Video Management System
  • Intelligent Traffic management system (ITMS)
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD), Over Speed Detection System (OSDS), E- challan Devices
  • Public Addressing System for 40 Junctions (2 speakers each location)
  • Dynamic message Sign board for 40 Junctions
  • Geographic Information System Implementation
  • Integration with ICT system.
  • Smart parking, Public bike sharing, ITS, SWM, IPT, utility management, Meteorological dept., E-Governance solution etc.
  • Chat bot based application for seamless coverage and integration with social media and all the verticals of Govt. dept.

Implementing Agency: M/s Bharat Electronics Limited

Execution Time: 18 Months

Project Cost: 294.94 Cr
  • Capex: 240.8 Cr
  • Opex: 54.10 Cr
O & M: 60 Months
STATUS: Under Execution