Legacy Waste Mining at Daddu Majra Dump Site

The City Beautiful shall undergo a huge makeover now. The heaps of waste are soon going to meet their ultimate end. With the initiative of cleaning the city from the waste and utilising it for several benefits is the 'smart' plan of 'Smart City Chandigarh'. The great idea of killing two birds with one stone shall prove to be really beneficial. The public is glad to see the processing of the waste which has begun on the site of Daddu Majra. The useless particles shall now emit the light of benefits. It is because the processed waste will be now converted into usable material either for industries or for selling.

The public will now no longer look at the sight of garbage and cry tears of dirt and gross. The waste accumulated will now be used to produce gems which is not an easy task by the way! But this responsibility has been taken on the shoulders. The weight of waste on the chest of the land of our city will now reduce to zero. That is the only reason this project deserves an applause for converting waste symbolising zero into a hero!

Project Components

  • Cleaning of 5 Lakh MT of Dump proposed over next 18 months Through Waste Mining of 12 Tonne/day


  • Removal of public nuisance
  • Reclamation of 16 Acres of Urban Land

Other Details

Total Cost: 33.98 Cr.

Total waste processed till date: 2,14,744.71 MT

STATUS: Under Implementation