Provision of SCADA for Solid Waste Management for Route Management, Efficiency of Collection, Mobile Application, Daily Management of Solid Waste Including Dry / Wet as per Swachh Bharat Standards and O&M for 5 Years

In order to introduce ICT for improving SWM, this project aims at integrating ICT with almost door to door collection function within the SWM operations in MCC. It is also envisaged that the solution proposed under this project will get integrate with Integrated Command and Control Centre of Chandigarh Smart City. The objective of the project is to incorporate ICT by introducing analytical tools for enabling automated decision making that will help in effective monitoring of solid waste management operations. CSCL will implement the project and will handover to MCC for operation and maintenance.

The broad objective of the proposed system is to improve the efficiency of collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste from Chandigarh by implementation of reliable Smart digital solutions to monitor, track and manage various SWM tasks through citizen empowerment and Door to Door collection thereby reduce/resolve the customer complaints with positive feedback mechanism.

The work of creation of infrastructure i.e. capex part will be done by CSCL and project will be handed over to MCC for operation and running. The opex part will be the responsibility of MCC.

Project Scope of Work

The Civil Scope of Work consists of various Science, Chemistry, Physics, Computer, Classrooms etc. Laboratories in 4 schools falling in the ABD Area which include but are not limited to:

  1. Supply, Installation & Commissioning for GPS Devices for SWM vehicles (450)
  2. Supply, installation & commissioning of biometric attendance devices at the depot locations for capturing driver and other SWM on ground support staff attendance on day-to-day basis
  3. Data preparation for SWM routes, capture location of transfer stations, drivers, vehicles, field staff
  4. Data preparation for all department vehicles, drivers, office locations of all departments
  5. Capturing and storing of all the biometric (finger prints) info of drivers and other SWM on ground support staff
  6. Geo-fence creation as per requirement
  7. Deployment of SWM application to support
    • Door-to-Door Collection System
    • User Management
    • Integrated GIS map of the area of operations
    • Citizen App
    • Citizen Complaint Management System
    • Fuel Management
    • Department
    • Driver App
    • Web Dashboard
    • Reports
  8. Establishment of control center with video wall as per specifications
  9. Deployment of operations support staff (12) for a period of 5 years
  10. Supply and O&M of Sim cards for Connectivity of GPS to Host location for 450 vehicle
  11. API for Integration with Integrated Command and Control Center of Chandigarh Smart City

Other Details

Contract Date: 10.11.2020

Execution Time: 6 Months

Project Cost: 5.87 Cr.
  • Capex: 2.40 Cr
  • Opex: 3.46 Cr
STATUS: O & M: 60 Months