Rehabilitation Upgradation of existing Sewerage Treatment Plants (STP)

With increasing pressure on water as a result of limited availability, increasing urbanization and deterioration of water quality, primarily due to pollution of sources of supplies, water recycling is becoming an established way of moving towards sustainable management of our water resources. Therefore, the main objective of use of TT water is to save the potable drinking water, which is presently being used for the purpose of gardening and irrigation of green spaces in various sectors of the city. Further Tertiary Treatment of sewage will improve the environment of city as the effluent of Tertiary Treatment is rich in nitrogen/manure and plants/grass will flourish by its use.

Project Components

  • Package I at Diggian (30 MGD) – Existing STP is being replaced & shifted to SBR technology.
  • Package II at Raipur Kalan (5 MGD) & Raipur Khurd (2 MGD) - Existing STP is being replaced & shifted to SBR technology.
  • Package III at 3BRD (11 MGD) & Dhanas (1.65 MGD) – 2 existing units (Disc Filter Unit and Equalization Tank) are being replaced, 1 new unit (Air Blower Building) to be built.


  • 100% treatment of Sewage
  • Most stringent parameters as fixed by NGT & CPCB being followed for treatment
  • BOD <= 5mg/litre
  • More Energy Efficient.
  • Reduced Risk to public health & environment.

Other Details

Total Cost:

  • Package I: 283.67 Cr.
  • Package II: 123 Cr.
  • Package III: 74 Cr.
  • Package I: Under Implementation
  • Package II: Under Implementation
  • Package III: Under Implementation