SCADA System for Recycled Water Distribution Network for pan-city

The Tertiary Treated (TT) Water SCADA project is being implemented to monitor the quantity and quality of Recycled Water to save the precious water resources being used for irrigation purpose in the city. Presently, the TT Water is being supplied to all the sectors without any automatic monitoring resulting in non-equitable distribution of TT Water. The proposed SCADA system will include monitoring of BOD, COD, TSS, pH, DO, Residual Chlorine, as well as Flow measurement, Pressure measurement etc. by installing various analysing equipment and sensors.

Project Components

  • SCADA Control Room at 3BRD
  • Main RTUs (05 Nos.) & Mini RTUs (08 Nos.)
  • Sensors: Level sensor, Flow sensor, Pressure sensor
  • Water analyser


  • Improvement in the operation and maintenance to bring better management of recycled water.
  • The system once installed will improve the monitoring of daily production as well as consumption of TT Water.
  • It will help in generating better revenue in future due to assured quality and quantity of TT Water.

Other Details

Total Cost: 4.04 Cr.

Time period: 12 months for execution, 5 years O&M including DLP