Implementation of Smart Schools in Government schools in ABD area

Schools and colleges are key contributors to economic growth and national competitiveness, providing successive generations with the skills and abilities necessary for a vibrant economy and inclusive society. The Chandigarh Smart City Limited is aspiring to enhance the current teaching and learning outcomes of school children using upto date methods and techniques. The Smart City Plan in Chandigarh for Smart School stands on the vision “To Equip and Enhance the Education System with State of the Art Amenities and Infrastructure Involving Its Stakeholders in a More Audio/Visual Learning”. The city beautiful is envisioned to become a leader in Quality Education, Sustainability, Well Being equality & Innovation.

The 4 schools being covered under the project are:

  1. GMSSS, Sector-22
  2. GMHS, Sector-35
  3. GMSSS, Sector-35
  4. GMHS, Sector-43

Project Components

  • Smart Classrooms: Projector, Smart boards with Smart educational content, Speakers & Mic
  • MCQ based testing with tablets
  • Fire Alarm System: Fire Sensors, MCP, Hooter & Fire panel
  • Intelligent Lighting System: Light Sensor, Lights, Timer switch
  • School Addressing system: Wall mount speaker, Digital Amplifier, Audio control Speaker
  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Visitor Management System


  • State of the Art learning experience and atmosphere for the students to perform better in all the subjects enhancing their memory & creativity.
  • Interactive teaching environment & a dynamic perspective to learning.
  • Smart learning will give a chance for students to interact with various electronic gadgets and thus learn new technologies. The engagement with advanced technologies is going to help them well when they move to their career.

Other Details

Total cost: Rs. 4.81 Cr.

STATUS: Under Implementation
Date of completion: 31st March 2026 (including O&M)