SMART SCHOOLS- Classroom Furniture

Brief Note

Chandigarh Smart City Limited has been working towards the Development of Smart City Chandigarh since its inception. CSCL is involved with the Smart city proposal for Chandigarh smart city and it has one major portion as area based development (ABD) which ensures balance development of area by providing basic infrastructural facilities with development of social, educational, institutional, sports and health care infrastructure. The Chandigarh Smart City Limited is striving to enhance the learning outcomes of school children using diverse techniques. One of the techniques is to empower teachers by training them to use E-content using interactive techniques. By having the right mix of the conventional blackboard based teaching along with interactive multimedia techniques, the administration believes that students will have an improved learning experience which will convert into better learning outcomes. The use of multimedia techniques in the appropriate manner shall also help slow learning students to grasp concepts in an easier way. The interaction of technology and content with students and teachers during teaching- learning process, the students will be all the more attentive to what is being taught in the class. Hence, with the overall objective of improving learning outcome in mind, Chandigarh Smart City Limited intends to setup smart class rooms in the following schools in the ABD area of Chandigarh.


The Department of School Education in UT Administration of Chandigarh has 114 government schools registered with them. Out of 114 schools, 5 schools are located in the ABD Area. Out of which only 4 schools will be implemented comprising of 90 Classrooms which are listed below:

  • Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 22-A, CHD
  • Government Model Senior Secondary School, Sector 35-D, CHD
  • Government Model High School, Sector 35, CHD
  • Government Model High School, Sector 43, CHD
Sr No Description Quantity
1 Junior Desk cum Benches 1st to 6th (Single Seater) 1482
2 Senior Desk Benches 7th -12th (Single Seater) 3170
3 Single Seater benches for Primary Class 176
4 Teacher Table 90
5 Library Table 20
6 Steel Amirah for Classrooms 90
7 Plastic Moulded Chairs for teachers 90
8 Plastic Moulded Chairs for Library 120
9 Book Case 40

Classroom Furniture (Rs. 3.63Cr) (Under evaluation)

The specifications were approved by education department technical committee on 15th October 2019 and based on DOE directions calculations were carried out for procurement of furniture for schools including dual desk @ 48 per class.

The tender on GeM portal was cancelled in June 2020 as per technical committee decision to ensure social distancing and Dual Desk were not fulling that criteria. Also procurement of furniture for chemistry lab and other labs were also removed with only retrofit work was to be included in the scope.

Accordingly, specification was revised and single sitter benches were included instead of dual desk. The specification was again approved by the technical committee meeting held on 10th December 2019 and the Bid on GeM was floated on 3rd March 2021 with following numbers and specification as enclosed.

STATUS: Under Tendering Process